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IVSA is proud to announce a brand new partnership with Bayer Animal Health! This veterinary division of one of the largest and most renown pharmaceutical companies in the world, aims to protect animals while simultaneously benefiting mankind. In the coming years, IVSA and Bayer will work together in sharing knowledge on e.g. infectious and zoonotic diseases with our members. Find out more interesting story about how Bayer Animal Health support IVSA here and check Bayer’s Press Release 2014

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Dear members,

You can download the latest version of our general assemblies and meetings minutes below or check minutes page menu under about us menu above.

<<new updates>>
☞ 62nd Congress The Netherlands 2013
☞ 2013.12.01 – Minutes of 2nd IVSA Online Meeting
☞ 2014.01.02 – Minutes of 3rd IVSA Live Meeting
☞ Draft Minutes of the 62nd IVSA Symposium Turkey 2014new
☞ 2014.02.09 – Minutes of 3rd IVSA Online Meetingnew
☞ 2014.03.19 – Draft Minutes of 4th IVSA Live Meetingnew


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The Winter 2014 edition of IVSA Newsletter is finally here!

Thank you for all who have helped in the making of this newsletter.

You can click on image below to download the e-newsletter

 IVSA Newsletter Autumn 2013

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We are very glad to inform you that the applications for the IVSA event “IVSA Istanbul Event Week”, organized by IVSA Istanbul, Turkey is now open.

The event will take place in Istanbul and Antalya from 2nd of May until 10th of May 2014. This event will consist of two main event : “IVSA Istanbul Student Week” and “the 16th International Veterinary Medicine Students Scientific Research Congress”

The fee is 300 Euro which covered the accommodation and travel during the event.

You can apply for the event from here:
Due date: 10th of March 2014
Status: Closed
☞ Online Application (ivsaistanbul.org) 

or try this one if the other didn’t work in your computer
☞ Online Application (ivsaistanbul.com) 

You can download the event details here:
☞ Itinerary

For further information you can visit their web www.ivsaistanbul.org

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Application Poster

We are pleased to invite IVSA members around the world to join the 63rd IVSA Congress 2014. Enjoy an educational holiday together with more than 200 veterinary students around the world in the tropical paradise of Indonesia. The congress will be held from July 29th to August 8th 2014 and will take place in three cities of Indonesia, Jakarta, Bogor and Yogyakarta. The theme of this year congress is “save animal, world in peace”.

The congress fee is 400 euro and the post congress event (Bali) fee is 245 euro (accommodation and transportation during the event are includes).

You can apply directly from the web here: 

Regular Application
Due date: 20th of February 2014
Status: Closed
☞ Online Application 

Alumni Application
Due date: 15th of March 2014
Status: Available
☞ Online Application 

There are 5 scholarship (reduced fee) available for member who’s in need. 

For further information about the congress can be asked directly to the Organizing Committee (OC) at ocivsacongress2014@gmail.com or visit their web ☞ www.ivsacongress.web.id

And subscribed to their official facebook page here  63rd IVSA Congress Indonesia 2014 and follow their twitter ☞ @ivsacongress14

You can also apply for 63rd Congress + 4 weeks internship in Indonesia via The MAH-IVSA Scholarship & Travel Grant Program. You can get the full details here ☞ The MAH-IVSA Scholarship & Travel Grant Program or contact our Development Aid Director at scholarship@ivsa.org

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To promote the global exchange of ideas and culture, and to improve veterinary education worldwide, the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) provides annual grants for individuals to gain international experience. Through the MAH-IVSA Scholarship &amp; Travel Grant Program, IVSA annually provides between 50 and 100 scholarships of $500-$2000 for veterinary students to use for their educational needs, such as traveling abroad to gather valuable experience \ith veterinarians in a different country to their own.

The Grant Program is primarily aimed at supporting students who would otherwise not be able to afford such an experience. Student members of IVSA from Asia, Latin-America, Africa, Oceania and Europe may apply for the Grant Program. IVSA strives towards a fair distribution of scholarships between these continents. Student members of IVSA from other countries than those specified above can email the DAD for more information about other grant programs available to them.

The 1st Application period open till the 28th of February 5pm GMT. The form can be found through the following link:

☞ Online Application


Further information about the program can be found on The MAH – IVSA Scholarship & Travel Grant Program page on this website or contact our DAD at scholarshipfund@ivsa.org

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We are very glad to announce you that the applications for the IVSA event “Springbreak in Naples”, organized by IVSA Naples are now open.

If you want to participate in that great event accredited by IVSA ExCo, and organized by an experienced Organizing Committee, please send your application form filled before the 5th of March !

You can download the application form here:
Application Form SpringBreak in Naples Word Document
Application Form SpringBreak in Naples PDF

For further info about this event you can directly contact the OC at ivsanaples@gmail.com

We hope many of you will be interested in that event, it is really worth it !

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Dear members,

As of February 1st 2014 we had a few changes in our board members structure.

Anne Christine

First, we warmly welcome Anne Christine Føllesdal from Norway as the new President-Elect of IVSA. She was elected by the General Assembly of IVSA in 62nd IVSA Symposium in Turkey last January. She is a very energetic girl, has bunch of ideas and take full responsibility in everything that she did. She was the president OC of 61st IVSA congress 2012 in Norway, and everyone has no doubt in her leadership ability. We are looking forward to work with her for the next six months. You will get chance to get to know her better in the next IVSA Newsletter.

Mathieu Visser

Second, according to IVSA Constitution and Bylaws the term of Post-Treasurer has ended now officially. So we would like to thank Mathieu Visser (our post-treasurer for this year) for all of his hard work and contribution in the last couple of years. It was a great pleasure to work with you. Your contribution and especially your enthusiasm meant a lot for our association. Hope you will still be involved in other IVSA activities. We love you Mathieu!

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IVSA in partnership with EVERI (European veterinarian’s in Education, research and Industry) are offering 2 scholarships for those in 4th year or above to visit Norway to gain further experience in Aquaculture. The two successful candidates will experience 2 weeks working placement, with one week being taught alongside Norwegian students on a field of course and a second one, in private industry alongside FoMas. Each candidates will received 1000 euro for personal cost (via reimbursement of documented costs).

If you are interested please send your application to ems.everi@fve.org and cc’d to developmentfund@ivsa.org

download the application form here:
Application Form EMS – Aquatic Medicine

see the program document here:
EMS Scheme Aquatic Medicine

for more info please contact our Development Aid Director at developmentfund@ivsa.org

or visit EVERI website here:
Extramural Study Award EVERI

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Bayer presents:
Special Global Web Conference on “One Health” related to Canine-Vector Borne Disease
Addressing zoonotic disease within the veterinary and public health fields

The 3rd international web conference on CVBD opens registration!

Nearly half of the world’s population is infected with at least one type of vector-borne disease. These diseases are transmitted from parasites to animals and humans, and have a significant impact on public health and our global economy. The economic impact of Lyme disease alone is estimated to be well over $3 billion annually. And as international travel makes the spread of disease faster and easier, it is increasingly important for veterinarians and public health professionals to understand prevalent vector-borne diseases.

To share knowledge about zoonotic vector-borne diseases, Bayer Animal Health hosts, for the 3rd time, a global web conference for veterinarians, physicians and public health professionals. The registration for the conference, which takes place on Thursday the 20th March 2014, starts now! This year’s conference focuses on parasitic diseases such as those transmitted via ticks (Lyme disease), fleas (canine bartonellosis), and sand flies (leishmaniosis). There will be two sessions: a targeted case study session for veterinarians (2 PM CET) and a roundtable One Health session for veterinarians, physicians, and allied and public health professionals (9 PM CET). Both will be simultaneously translated to English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German, and provide the possibility to actively interact via the internet!

“Vector-Borne disease is a topic of critical importance for global public health,” said Professor Michael Day from the University of Bristol, School of Veterinary Sciences (UK). “It involves both the veterinary and public health fields, and this web conference is unique because it brings both of these audiences and perspectives together.”

“In 2012 and 2013 there were over 5,000 participants, from more than 40 countries, who joined the online sessions, which is an outreach we did not expect when we set up the first web conference,” describes Dr Lourdes Mottier, project manager within Global Veterinary Services CAP. “We are getting more ambitious this year and are aiming for an even higher attendance with participants from the public health and medical fields joining as well. With our agenda and the team of global speakers, we have designed a highly attractive learning session for vets, medical, and public health professionals all over the world.”

“With vector-borne diseases as an ongoing and important topic, not only for animals, but also in public health, Bayer has managed over the years to position itself as the expert company in this field. This activity is a great example of “Science for a better life”, as it raises awareness of the “One Health” topic to improve the life of animals and humans. We share the information gained through the conference with the community to help combat future CVBDs as well,” said Prof. Dr. Norbert Mencke, Director of Global Veterinary Services Companion Animals.

Following either or both Web Conferences is extremely beneficial for all those that want to learn more or discuss about CVBD, and IVSA is glad to share this unique possibility with you: our members! For more information, or to register for the conferences, please go to www.cvbdwebconference.com

Win a chance to join in real life!

As IVSA’s brand new partner, Bayer has generously agreed to support IVSA by making it possible for the winner of the ‘CVBD Contest’ to win a trip to the 9th CVBD Symposium and follow the conferences in real life. This includes transportation, accommodation and registration!

To apply, simply complete the following sentence and send your answer to sponsorship@ivsa.org before the 31st of January!

‘I think vector-borne diseases in canines are important, because…’