Standing Committee on Career Attributes

Standing Committee on Career Attributes

The Standing Committee on Career Attributes (SCoCA) was founded in July 2019 to work toward improving the professionalism and soft-skills of IVSA members around the world and provide structure to the previously established IVSA Trainer’s Network. SCoCA aims to complement veterinary education with opportunities to improve career attributes to allow for a successful future career in veterinary medicine for all veterinary students around the world.


Facilitate the development and enhancement of Soft-Skills (ie: communication, leadership, teamwork, time-management, etc.) of veterinary students worldwide

Provide veterinary students with tools to develop the necessary attributes required for a successful career in veterinary medicine

Promote and coordinate the IVSA Trainer’s Network allowing IVSA members to become Trainers to share their knowledge and skills with other students


Trainers Network

The IVSA Trainer’s Network was established in July 2016 with the aim of improving the level of professionalism within IVSA and enabling students to develop Soft-Skills they can utilise to train fellow IVSA members. The first ‘Training New Trainers’ (TNT) event took place in Brno, Czech Republic in July 2016 in collaboration with the European Pharmacy Students’ Association (EPSA).

Training New Trainers Events (TNTs)

Training New Trainers (TNT) events are opportunities for IVSA members to become Canditate Trainers and begin the journey to becoming an IVSA Trainer! TNTs broadly aim to guide candidate trainers into discovering who they are, what they want to achieve, and how to share this newfound knowledge with other individuals.

In the first portion of a TNT, workshops are focused on candidates’ own self-discovery and self-improvement through utilisation of specific outlined tools delivered by the presenting Trainers.

The second part of a TNT is focused on utilising this newfound self-development to instruct and guide other individuals toward achieving this same self-development (how to train others). A TNT event ends with the candidates delivering a graduation workshop to a group of individuals not associated with the TNT.

Trainers Library

The “Trainers Library” (TL) is a collection of useful resources, documents, lesson plans etc. for IVSA Trainers. The TL has separate folders containing documents on how to organise training events, explanation of training content, promotional materials, minutes of the meetings, etc.




Keep up to date with the latest Career Attribute related content to improve your soft-skills and design your own training sessions!

Becoming A Trainer

More information coming soon!

Committee Chair and Structure


Chair of Committee: Anandu Rajaji, email:



As the Committee Secretary you will keep the minutes during Committee meetings, schedule committee meetings. Furthermore you will assist the chair and committee

 in several tasks.


Trainers’ Network Manager (2x):

As a Trainers’ Network Manager, you will stay in contact with the trainers, keep an updated record of trainers and their activities, organize the resources accessible for

 trainers and be available for any problems or questions regarding the Network, as well as build up the Trainers’ Library and keep it organized.


TNT Coordinator:

As a TNT Coordinator you will coordinate the organisation of “Training New Trainers” (TNT) events in collaboration with the Organizing Committee, which include

 finding the place, time and trainers for the events, as well as finding the topics that will be presented during the events.


Social Media Manager (3x):

As a Social Media Manager you will design the Committee’s promotional material, create graphics for social media and other online platforms and be in charge of the

 Committee’s social media pages.


Event Manager(2x):

As an Event Manager you will be responsible for organising and making sure that workshops, talks and activities are well handled and functioning.


Liaison Officer:

The Liaison Officer position functions as a link between SCOCA and Regions & Communities and aims to facilitate collaboration.


  • Be in all of the communities and understand the ongoing projects

  • Have meetings with the IVSA secretaries and liaison officers to disseminate information about SCOCA and seek out collaboration

  • Send content of the committee for the IVSA bulletin to IVSA Secretaries

  • Attend Regional meetings and provide Committee update


External Relations Manager

As the external relations manager, you will ensure the maintenance of the relationship between SCoCA and its current sponsors/partners, create new partnerships and

 sponsorships for SCoCA and ensure the committee’s MOUs with its current partners/sponsors are up to date and that SCoCA is fulfilling their responsibilities


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