New Updates on IVSA Meeting Minutes

Published April 14, 2014in category General

Dear members,

You can download the latest version of our general assemblies and meetings minutes below or check minutes page menu under about us menu above.

<<new updates>>
☞ 62nd Congress The Netherlands 2013
☞ 2013.12.01 – Minutes of 2nd IVSA Online Meeting
☞ 2014.01.02 – Minutes of 3rd IVSA Live Meeting
☞ Draft Minutes of the 62nd IVSA Symposium Turkey 2014new
☞ 2014.02.09 – Minutes of 3rd IVSA Online Meetingnew
☞ 2014.03.19 – Draft Minutes of 4th IVSA Live Meetingnew


IVSA Newsletter Winter 2014 Edition

Published March 9, 2014in category General

The Winter 2014 edition of IVSA Newsletter is finally here!

Thank you for all who have helped in the making of this newsletter.

You can click on image below to download the e-newsletter

 IVSA Newsletter Autumn 2013

IVSA Istanbul Event Week

Published February 21, 2014in category General

We are very glad to inform you that the applications for the IVSA event “IVSA Istanbul Event Week”, organized by IVSA Istanbul, Turkey is now open.

The event will take place in Istanbul and Antalya from 2nd of May until 10th of May 2014. This event will consist of two main event : “IVSA Istanbul Student Week” and “the 16th International Veterinary Medicine Students Scientific Research Congress”

The fee is 300 Euro which covered the accommodation and travel during the event.

You can apply for the event from here:
Due date: 10th of March 2014
Status: Closed
☞ Online Application (ivsaistanbul.org) 

or try this one if the other didn’t work in your computer
☞ Online Application (ivsaistanbul.com) 

You can download the event details here:
☞ Itinerary

For further information you can visit their web www.ivsaistanbul.org

63rd IVSA Congress Indonesia

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Application Poster

We are pleased to invite IVSA members around the world to join the 63rd IVSA Congress 2014. Enjoy an educational holiday together with more than 200 veterinary students around the world in the tropical paradise of Indonesia. The congress will be held from July 29th to August 8th 2014 and will take place in three cities of Indonesia, Jakarta, Bogor and Yogyakarta. The theme of this year congress is “save animal, world in peace”.

The congress fee is 400 euro and the post congress event (Bali) fee is 245 euro (accommodation and transportation during the event are includes).

You can apply directly from the web here: 

Regular Application
Due date: 20th of February 2014
Status: Closed
☞ Online Application 

Alumni Application
Due date: 15th of March 2014
Status: Available
☞ Online Application 

There are 5 scholarship (reduced fee) available for member who’s in need. 

For further information about the congress can be asked directly to the Organizing Committee (OC) at ocivsacongress2014@gmail.com or visit their web ☞ www.ivsacongress.web.id

And subscribed to their official facebook page here  63rd IVSA Congress Indonesia 2014 and follow their twitter ☞ @ivsacongress14

You can also apply for 63rd Congress + 4 weeks internship in Indonesia via The MAH-IVSA Scholarship & Travel Grant Program. You can get the full details here ☞ The MAH-IVSA Scholarship & Travel Grant Program or contact our Development Aid Director at scholarship@ivsa.org

The MAH-IVSA Scholarship & Travel Grant Program

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To promote the global exchange of ideas and culture, and to improve veterinary education worldwide, the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) provides annual grants for individuals to gain international experience. Through the MAH-IVSA Scholarship &amp; Travel Grant Program, IVSA annually provides between 50 and 100 scholarships of $500-$2000 for veterinary students to use for their educational needs, such as traveling abroad to gather valuable experience \ith veterinarians in a different country to their own.

The Grant Program is primarily aimed at supporting students who would otherwise not be able to afford such an experience. Student members of IVSA from Asia, Latin-America, Africa, Oceania and Europe may apply for the Grant Program. IVSA strives towards a fair distribution of scholarships between these continents. Student members of IVSA from other countries than those specified above can email the DAD for more information about other grant programs available to them.

The 1st Application period open till the 28th of February 5pm GMT. The form can be found through the following link:

☞ Online Application


Further information about the program can be found on The MAH – IVSA Scholarship & Travel Grant Program page on this website or contact our DAD at scholarshipfund@ivsa.org