The Development Fund (DF) benefits underserved communities and individuals worldwide. The DF opportunities are reserved for IVSA Members coming from two categories of MOs:

Permanent Beneficiaries

The Permanent Beneficiaries category includes MOs in the GDP ≤ 10 % bracket according to the Membership fee calculations in our bylaws. The list of countries in this category is updated annually based on the GDP per capita from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Members from Permanent Beneficiary MOs are eligible to apply for DF opportunities.

Temporary Beneficiaries

The Temporary Beneficiaries category includes MOs from countries grappling with present-day humanitarian crises. The IVSA Executive Committee determines the list of countries in the Temporary Beneficiary MOs category based on reliable sources. The list is subject to review and approval during each Exco meeting. IVSA Members from Temporary Beneficiary MOs can also apply for DF opportunities.

Depending on their specific needs and circumstances, the DF may provide special assistance to IVSA Members from Temporary Beneficiary MOs.