Wild and Exotic Animal Network

IVSA Wild and Exotic Animals Network unites students globally who share an interest in exotic and wild animal medicine and conservation. Our aim is to collectively enhance the impact of veterinary students on the field of veterinary medicine, focusing on the health and welfare of wildlife.

Additionally, we strive to promote and support education programs for both students and veterinarians dedicated to the management and well-being of wildlife.

Our Mission

  1. Facilitate free access to valuable learning resources and easily available courses in the realm of wild and exotic animal medicine.
  2. Provide information on diverse externship placements to advance your medical proficiency.
  3. Foster global connections with future colleagues and like-minded wildlife enthusiasts.
  4. Offer insights into your favorite species of wild and exotic animals.

Our Projects

Animal Superpower 

Nature continually reveals fascinating and sometimes intimidating survival strategies. Animals possess extraordinary superpowers, ranging from false heads to poison fins and killer eyes. We believe in acknowledging nature's creativity in protecting and caring for the animal kingdom. We aim to educate and inspire you through a monthly Instagram post showcasing Animal Superpowers.

Species Spotlight 

WEAN highlights intriguing details about rare, important, and unusual wildlife through engaging Instagram video posts. We shed light on these species' challenges and emphasize the importance of understanding and saving them from extinction. Our topics cover a wide range of subjects to comprehensively explore the animal kingdom's wonders.

Comprehensive Guide to Wild and Exotic Animal Medicine Opportunities

Welcome to our shared document, a one-stop resource for IVSA Wild and Exotic Animals Network members interested in wild and exotic animal medicine. This guide covers global externships, internships, and voluntary opportunities, offering hands-on experiences. Explore renowned learning centers, discover funding options, and connect with experts. Use this document to navigate opportunities tailored to your interests and goals, empowering each other in the field of wild and exotic animal medicine.

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