IVSA, WVA, and Ceva have redefined the successful Animal Welfare Awards and created the new WVA Global Veterinary Awards, recognising veterinarians for their contributions to animal welfare, medicines stewardship, veterinary education, and One Health practices. 
The new awards edition was announced at the 39th World Veterinary Congress in Taipei, Taiwan, and will kick off at the 2024 edition of the event in Cape Town, South Africa.

WVA Awards

As a participating partner, IVSA is responsible for selecting the recipient for the "Veterinary Student of the Year" award category. 
IVSA members can apply for this prestigious award and showcase their exemplary work and dedication to the veterinary profession globally. 
The award is a testament to IVSA's commitment to recognising and promoting excellence in the veterinary field among Students while motivating its members to strive for excellence.